What is the method used?

EL KING Language Institute uses its own patented method to teach languages. The method is based on syntax (word order) instead of grammar, repetition and memorization. With EL KING method students can create their own sentences, instead of being limited to “what the textbook says.” Another peculiar feature of the method is that our instructors (Language Coaches,) coach the students on how to get to SPEAK the language they are learning, something ESL teachers do not know how to do.

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What kind of materials do you use?

EL KING uses its own materials. The Learning Aid (ONE-PAGE-BOOK, OPB) is an ingenious tool part of our dual patent. Each OPB is unique; it can be created in any possible language combination and in any direction, v. gr. Tagalog-Russian-Tagalog or Tamil to Navajo. In addition to that, the use of the Learning Aid rapidly increases the student’s vocabulary.

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What is the length of the courses?

Based on an initial assessment, one person can be told that in one, two or a week, two or more can be SPEAKING. Some may require a month or two. The current two main programs are structured for a 60 – 120 hours course. For different reasons, such as previous basic knowledge of the target language, in grammar or vocabulary, what some people may just need is four or six hours of instruction, because all they need is to learn how to put sentences together and to have more confidence while speaking. Come and visit us for an initial assessment.

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What about the Class Sizes

Our classes are made up of up to seven (7) students. This is one of our secrets to be able to guarantee quick results. We also provide instructions one-on-one for executives.

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Will everyone get to SPEAK?

Eventually, yes, all depends if the person continues SPEAKING with others and integrates in the culture. Shy people may “know” a lot of grammar, but they will have to overcome those obstacles before being able to SPEAK with confidence.

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Class Attendance

Most people fail because they lack the discipline to achieve their goals. Attendance is critical. Poor attendance and participation will give poor results. It is in the classroom where you will be coached on how to get to SPEAK the language you are learning. In our classroom, all students face each other, and they have to come up to the board and speak in front of their peers something that eventually will give them the necessary confidence to SPEAK the language. Remember, practice makes perfect. Any new knowledge works best when you apply and use what you learn every day.

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How proficient will I become SPEAKING the language?

Results may vary. Keep in mind that learning a language is a lifetime experience. The interest shown by the student to use and practice what he/she has learned depends basically on them. We provide the tools and necessary knowledge to have them communicating SPEAKING and being able to express their wants and needs, their thoughts and desires.

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Will you learn how to write in the target language?

Yes. But not only that, you will be able to write many pages at a college level; most people, however, do not pursue writing as their main goal.

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Class Schedule

Spanish classes are taught Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday. Classes are from 6 to 9 pm in our facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Other hours could also be arranged. 

English classes are taught Monday through Thursday and they have a one and a half hours long (academic hour). Classes for Hispanic professionals are also taught on Saturdays, from 9 to 1 pm in our facilities. 

For companies, we will accommodate the classes according to their needs.

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Does EL KING provide on-site training for blue-collar employees?


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Does EL KING provide language training for executives and VIPs?

Yes. On-site, or in the country experience.

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Languages taught

EL KING teaches the most popular languages in the world. Spanish and English are the most common, but we also teach French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese. Classes are taught in the student’s native tongue at first and gradually it is completely taught in the target language. At least five students must be registered to start a class.

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Course Prices and Cost

When it comes to prices, consider this, price and cost are two different things. If we compare a four-years course at $50 a month to “learn” Spanish, and a course to SPEAK in 60 hours for $1000, which one is cheaper? Which one is better? What’s the real value of “learning” versus SPEAKING? Get the best return on investment for your company. 

SPEAK Spanish in 60 hours for ONLY $1000. Minimum of five students to start. On-site, corporate, executive and VIPs prices varies. Please contact us.

SPEAK other languages 60, 90, 120 hours for $1300 and up.

SPEAK three languages in a year for ONLY $5000. At least five students must be committed to participate. 

For English classes, prices range from $75 a month to $1200 plus for as semester (5 months). Our introductory price for the ten (10) weeks (quarter) course is $600 plus materials and fees (normal course will be $700.)  

Remember, you will SPEAK with EL KING in three months, or your money back.

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Payments are due at the time of registering. There are some payment plans.

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Discounts are given when two or more people that register at the same time. Bring a friend or a relative and get the discount. When you refer someone and this person registers and finish the course, you will get a $50 for your referral!

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