Thomas Elkin Quiroz [key-rose] 
Institute Director and Inventor 

I was 13 years old when I first got an interest in languages. I still remember when the Catholic priest gave the mass in Latin. Since then I decided that I wanted to learn Latin. Then I wanted to learn more languages like Portuguese and French. By the time I learned English I already spoke three languages. I also studied Greek and Hebrew with a Presbyterian pastor in my native Colombia. In Colombia I didn’t have many opportunities to speak and practice those languages. When my family and I moved to Florida, I looked for the opportunity to work in an environment where I could use those languages. I started working for a hotel in Miami Beach. For the last three years I have managed the dream of my life, my own school of languages. Today I speak 6 languages and planning on learning more.

Education. Not until I came to the United States, I had the opportunity to study those languages formally. I received a bachelor’s degree from University of Utah with a major in Spanish and a minor in French. Then I went to Europe to study and live those languages first to Neuchatel, Switzerland, then to Kiel, Germany. I also went to Cuernavaca, Mexico to study Spanish. Years later I received an MBA Global Management from University of Phoenix. 

How did develop the method? While studying German I had a though time learning the language. I wanted to find a better way to learn the language just for myself. I started developing something that 30 years later became a fully developed method to SPEAK any language. I consciously did not work toward inventing this method. I do firmly believe that God gave me the understanding to find the way to develop it.  

My passion for languages is shown in my rewarding experience of traveling the world and being a multilingual tour guide in Miami, FL. Also, one of the things I have enjoyed the most, simultaneous interpretation where I have extensive experience.  

There is a critical learning principle and that is that you will retain faster what you use, practice and apply to yourself – Thomas E. Quiroz 

Journalist. For many years I worked as a news reporter. I was a radio personality directing and hosting for several years my own daily radio talk-show. I have authored and published several books, English and Spanish, and numerous printed articles. I have extensive experience interviewing people from all walks of life. In 1986 covered the Pope’s visits to Venezuela. For two years I co-produced a two-hour weekly T.V. program in South America. During his first years in America worked for the Miami Herald.  

Personal. A globetrotter myself, my personal life centers around traveling, dancing, reading, writing and playing musical instruments. I have four children and a beautiful wife. 

Experience. I have supervised, managed and trained up to 30 people, in the education and hospitality industries, here in America and abroad. I have been the editor of two Spanish publications in a Fortune 500 companies. I have coordinated the translation/interpretations (5 languages) for number two employer in Utah. While working for Utah National Guard chaired the Terminology Committee to develop a glossary now used nationwide. Directed & implemented the creation of bilingual style manuals, & technical handbooks for several companies.